Manners On The Go

Etiquette & Manners Classes For Children

Manners On The Go was developed to teach children the fundamentals of good manners and social behavior. We can make your social outings and mealtimes a more pleasurable experience and less of a balancing act.

Cassandra Givan Cassandra Givan's "Manners On The Go" classes are now being offered in the greater Portland area.

Givan, who has extensive experience with children, has taught etiquette at Northwest Nannies Institute and the Community Schools of Lake Oswego. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and a background in childcare.

Her expertise in dealing with children, coupled with her own experiences at raising her two boys inspired her to create programming that encourages self-confidence, poise and graciousness in a fun way that appeals to her students. She has been delighted with the enthusiastic response of the children in her classes.

Cassandra also creates programs for youth organizations and is available for private consultations and corporate programs.

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